Let KR Elite Property Management Work For You!

Purchasing real estate is an investment, one that can come back to you manifold if you play your cards and the markets right. However, if you are renting your properties out to tenants, what was once an investment hobby can quickly turn into a hassle and a handful. To make real estate investment much less time consuming and still profitable, KR Elite Property Management wants to work for you!

Our dedication to keeping both you and your tenants happy is the foundation of our business model. Because we do not want to take away from the profit you are currently making on your rental properties, we only charge a small fee percentage.

Owner Services

Unlike other property management companies, we don’t want to take everything off your hands. We know that you are interested in real estate and would still like to manage some of the aspects of the rental properties on your own. That’s why we have created a vast selection of services that allow you to choose the method of property management that is right for your situation. We offer:

  • 24-hour access to your account by signing into the owners’ portal
  • Entrance into the Good Landlord Program
  • A selective and in-depth screening process for potential tenants
  • Comprehensive monthly reports so you can see how our services are improving your profit margins
  • And more!

We are dedicated to serving you, so we can always customize your services to give you exactly what you are looking for in property management.

We Make Being a Landlord More Fun!

No matter how much you enjoy your role as a landlord, there are going to be things that come up that you really don’t like managing. If that is the case, let us handle what you don’t want to do! That way, you’ll have more free time to focus on the things you enjoy. To find out more about our property management services, call KR Elite Property Management at (801)-399-2800 today!