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KR Elite Supports the Efforts of the Tarkken Roessler Foundation

The Tarkken Roessler Foundation’s Kaduvu, Fiji project began about five years ago after the founders went to Fiji and saw a community that would prosper if given the right tools. Since then, the Tarkken Roessler Foundation has been expending efforts to improve kids’ access to schooling beyond the elementary level, job training, equipment for women in business, and libraries.

The Tarkken Roessler firmly believes that this community can benefit from a temporary hand up rather than a handout. By giving the citizens of Fiji the life skills and education they need, they can more effectively face the challenges ahead of them, and KR Elite strongly believes in that philosophy.

Donating Helps Struggling Communities in a Number of Ways

Whenever the Tarkken Roessler Foundation accepts a donation, it goes directly toward improving the future livelihood of the citizens in a struggling community such as the one in Kadavu, Fiji. Here is a list of some of the projects the organization has completed in the past that will give you an idea of their capabilities and focuses:

  • Providing school materials and sponsorships for students to go to secondary schools
  • Building new secondary schools
  • Offering fabric, sewing machines, and more to women in business
  • Providing low-income housing
  • Teaching life skills, vocational skills, and financial literacy
  • Making temporary student housing available

In the future, the Tarkken Roessler Foundation hopes to provide the hospitals in Kadavu with better medical supplies for the hospitals, so the donations the organization receives currently go toward that and other simultaneous projects it has running.

Are You Interested in Donating to the Tarkken Roessler Foundation?

KR Elite has seen firsthand the difference that the Tarkken Roessler Foundation has made in helping struggling communities get back on their feet, so we encourage donating what you can spare to the cause. For more information about the organization, click here or call KR Elite at (435)-238-4707!

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